Some of Christine's performances for the Women in Voice Cabaret series - Photos: Chris Osborne & Christabel

Madame Lark hosts the Imagine Children's Festival, London 2014

Madame Lark performs with cellist Gareth Skinner as part of Gallery Of Modern Art (GOMA) Surrealism Exhibition - Photos: Sean Young

Queensland Art Gallery 1990s; Bim bamboo by Linsey Pollak (L to R Christine Johnston, Annie Lee)  1997; Pianissimo 2003 (Christine Johnston, Lisa O'Neill); Kids APT QAG 2007 (Christine Johnston with Nicole Denington on harp)

Peak Hour Apparitions 1996 (Trent Arkelysmith - Cello); Decent Spinster 1999 (with hot car and OHP); Warm & Fuzzy 2004 (with Michele Watt and Fuzzy); Little Green Road to Fairyland QMF 2011 (L to R - Stacey McCallum, Fairy, Christine Johnston and Neridah Waters)

1980s - The Hibiscus Sisters - (L to R) Geri Kelder, Pauline Bell, Joey Constable, Christine Johnston.

1990 - Gezabel Dinosaur - (top to bottom anticlockwise) - Geri Kelder, Christine Johnston, Brett Parker and Geoff Ahmet.

Opera Queensland's CANDIDE - "Old Lady with one buttock" playing saw. 

Mad Margaret - Opera Queensland - Ruddigore or The Witches Curse.